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Carl Westcott founded Westcott LLC in 1996 as an entrepreneurial private investment platform. Since then, Carl Westcott has cemented his reputation as a forward thinking entrepreneur and investor. The investments of Westcott LLC are as varied as Mr. Westcott’s career including: real estate, technology, energy, finance, and consumer services.

Mr. Westcott began his career in the automotive industry. In 1974 he formed First Extended Service Corporation becoming the world’s first originator of extended automotive service agreements for new automobiles. By the late eighties First Extended was generating in excess of 50,000 service agreements per month across 50 states. In all, First Extended generated over 6 million service agreements, demonstrating year-over-year growth until the business was sold to AON, the global insurance giant in 2006.

Mr. Westcott founded his most successful venture, Westcott Communications, in 1986. Westcott Communications was the premier company for delivery of video training programs via satellite. Mr. Westcott took the company public in 1989 and sold it in 1996 to K-III Holdings, Inc.

Westcott LLC has also managed venture investments such as Internet America, one of the nation’s largest regional Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Digital Witness, a leading provider of digital surveillance solutions. Westcott had a 60% ownership stake in Internet America which was sold in 1999 when the company went public. Digital Witness was sold to Westec in 2007 for $32.5 million.

Our Companies

who we are

  • Carl Westcott


    The principal and founder of Westcott LLC.

  • Jack Smith


    Jack Smith is Mr. Westcott's long time business partner. With decades of experience in business and finance, Jack is involved in identifying investment opportunities and structuring financial transactions.

  • Court Westcott


    Court Westcott holds a B.A. in philosophy and political science from Vanderbilt University. He also holds an MBA from SMU's Cox School of Business. Court identifies investments with a strong focus on emerging technologies. He also participates in the management of Westcott LLC.

  • Chart Westcott


    Chart Westcott, Esq. is the COO of Ikarian Capital, LLC a long/short equity biotech focused hedge fund based in Dallas, TX. A native of Dallas, Chart attended Vanderbilt University then returned home to attend SMU Dedman School of Law. While still retaining interests in family businesses, Mr. Westcott no longer works full time at Westcott LLC. Chart Westcott is a Commissioner on the Texas Real Estate Commission and also serves on the Board of the Dallas County Historical Foundation/the Board of the Sixth Floor Museum.

  • Mike Smartt


    Mike Smartt holds a B.P.A. from Mississippi State University. Mike participates in the management of Westcott LLC and is actively involved in its many investments.

  • Swayze Smartt

    CFA, CPA

    Swayze Smartt manages portions of the Westcott family real estate portfolio and performs due diligence and analysis of prospective Westcott LLC investments. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Computer Science and a Master's degree in Accountancy from Wake Forest University.

  •  Beth Prothro

     Administrative Coordinator

    Beth is actively engaged in the myriad support functions for all daily operations including Human Resources, Accounting, cash management, investment closings and funding processes. Among her other assignments, Beth also serves as Corporate Secretary for the Westcott Foundation and Jayhawk, Inc.

Our History

  • Westcott LLC founded by Carl Westcott as an entrepreneurial private investment platform.

  • Westcott sells its 60% stake in Internet America when the company goes public in a $19.8 million public offering.

  • The Westcott family forms Commodore Partners Ltd, a private equity platform managed by Westcott LLC.

  • First Extended Service Corporation, founded by Carl Westcott in 1974, is sold to the global insurance giant AON. Westcott Communications, founded by Mr. Westcott in 1986 is sold in 1996 to K-III Holdings, Inc.

  • Westec acquires Westcott-backed Digital Witness for $32.5 million cash.

  • Together with principals Brent Little, Jon Clayton, and Trevor Tollett, all seasoned real estate professionals that have a combined experience of almost 40 years in the industry, Westcott forms Fountain Residential Partners, a privately held Dallas-based multifamily real estate development, acquisition, and asset management company specializing in the student housing asset class.

  • Westcott-backed Commodore Partners invests in Metaio, a German Augmented Reality Company.

  • Apple acquires Metaio for an undisclosed sum.